Help BIGS Sunflower Seeds Give Back to America’s Troops

  • April 9, 2015
  • By Kristen Theiler

Limited Edition BIGS Camouflage Bags

Help BIGS Sunflower Seeds Give Back to America’s Troops!

BIGS is honored to be one of the most popular sunflower seed flavors in U.S. Military convenience stores worldwide. To show our appreciation,  BIGS is donating up to 50,000 free bags of BIGS to USO centers around the country. Our nations's troops and families give so much to this country each and every day, we want to give something back. Our hope is that this small gesture of appreciation will lift their spirits and bring some joy because, the way we see it, little things can make a BIG difference.

How Can You Help?

Look for BIGS Salted & Roasted Original Seeds in limited edition camouflage bags in stores near you. For every BIGS camo bag you buy, we’ll give a bag of BIGS to the USO – up to 50,000 bags will be donated! If you have trouble finding the limited edition bags, you can always order them online right here.

Thank you to the bold men and women of the U.S. Military.
Thank you to their families and loved ones.
And thank you to all that join us in giving them the #BIGSSalute they deserve.

- Your friends at BIGS
Bigger seeds. Bolder flavors.

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  • Liams amma

    BIGS SUNFLOWER SEEDS Thank you for thinking about our troops! My son is overseas going on his fourth year in another month. Companies like yours puts a smile on my face, just knowing you care. Sincerely, a mother of two Marines! Semper Fi !
    Just a reminder for our nation to buy the camouflage BIGS Sunflower seeds so our troops may enjoy them as well.

  • Linda Rathert

    I agree, what an amazing way to support our troops. My son is in the Army, stationed in Jordan. I know he’ll appreciate what you’re doing. Thank you!!!!! But why stop at 50,000 bags.

  • Pam Parsons

    Just had my first bag of Bigs today and they are so delicious! My son is in the Navy, stationed in GA. We are both sunflower seed addicts. Until today my favorite seed was Wild Dutchman out of Mound City, SD. I’d send him a case at a time so he’d have plenty when his sub went out. I’ll have to ask if he’s tried Bigs. I’m going to go back to the store I bought them at and buy all they have. He’ll be home for Christmas and I am going to wrap them and put them under the tree.