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Salted & Roasted

Nothing can beat the simple goodness of a BIGS® Seed, salted and roasted. Our seeds are so delicious, they don’t need fancy spices (though those are delicious, too!) When you have a great seed, you’ll want to enjoy their sunshiney goodness all on their own. So go ahead, grab a handful of our BIGS Seeds and crack a smile!

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Bigs Original Sunflower Seeds

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Classic salted and roasted seeds are great and all, but sometimes you want something a little different without clobbering you over the head with spice. That’s where our Sea Salt and Black Pepper BIGS® Seeds come in. Real black peppercorns and the fresh, salty taste of the sea will definitely have you cracking a smile.

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BIGS Sea Salt & Black Pepper Sunflower Seeds

Vlasic Dill Pickle

Crunch. Tang. Whether you’re biting into a cold, crisp Vlasic® Kosher Dill Pickle or a handful of BIGS®, it’s all about the crunch and the taste. Our BIGS Seeds use Vlasic’s secret recipe for the sour, garlicky, dilly taste you love. The world’s best pickles and the world’s best seeds coming together in one bite? This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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BIGS Vlasic Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds

Old Bay Seasoned

This Maryland classic isn’t just for seafood! Old Bay® Seasoning’s salty, spicy, savory goodness coat every giant BIGS® Seed. Whether you’re fishing or just enjoying a snack, you can’t be crabby with a mouthful of Old Bay Seeds from BIGS! They’ll have you cracking smiles in no time!

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BIGS Old Bay Seasoned Sunflower Seeds

Heinz Salt & Vinegar

Every sunflower seed has salt, but only BIGS® Salt & Vinegar has the tangy, zingy twist of Heinz® Malt Vinegar to wake up your taste buds. So grab a few…then a few more…then grab some more…You’ll see what we’re saying!

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BIGS Heinz Salt & Vinegar Sunflower Seeds

Hidden Valley Ranch

These seeds are straight from buttermilk heaven. After all, what could be better than seeds dipped in ranch? Seeds dipped in America’s favorite Ranch–Hidden Valley®! The familiar taste of buttermilk and spices you love combined with that oh-so-satisfying crunch of BIGS® Sunflower Seeds is perfect for a day out at the game or just sharing a smile in your backyard.

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BIGS Hidden Valley Ranch Sunflower Seeds

Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing

When you’re whipping up a batch of wings for the big game, you know Frank’s® Redhot® Sauce is your only choice. At BIGS®, we agree. Frank’s spicy but flavorful Redhot Sauce makes every Buffalo Wing seed pack a powerful punch of heat. So go ahead and pop one (or twenty) in your mouth and feel the signature buffalo burn.

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Bacon Salt Sizzlin’ Bacon

Bacon may be the second most delicious food in the world (after BIGS® Seeds, of course), but it’s hard to grab a handful of bacon while you’re out having fun with your family. That’s why we’ve coated our huge sunflower seeds in fat-free, calorie-free Bacon Salt. Go ahead, get your bacon on with Sizzlin’ Bacon Salt Seeds!

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Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Our home-style roasted Pumpkin Seeds come all the way from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and taste like they are fresh out of the oven. Lightly salted with a golden crisp, our all-natural Pumpkin Seeds are sure to satisfy your taste buds all year round!

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