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Benjamin Nowak

Big's Dill Pickle FlavorBig's Pepper Flavor Favorite Bigs flavor: Vlasic Dill Pickle / Cracked Pepper

Where / when do I eat them: BIGS Seeds are my go-to snack anytime I’m on the water or headed to the lake. I always have a few bags in the truck and boat for those long rides to the boat ramp and enough to last me for those long days out there on the water!

How do I go big?: I go BIG by chasing some of the biggest fish on the biggest, gnarliest lakes in the country – Fishing the Great Lakes is high risk, high reward, holding some of the biggest smallmouth in the country but also being some of the roughest inland bodies of water you can possibly fish!

Bio: Born and raised in the “Great Lakes State,” I’ve spent a majority of my 25 years on or around the water. Introduced to fishing at an age where I could barely hold a rod and reel, the sport has become part of who I am and combined with my love of producing video is what led me to create a YouTube channel. I love to travel, explore and fish new locations, but my real passion is fishing for BIG Great Lakes smallmouth throughout Michigan!

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